Sports based holidays are popular all year round, with as much variety in both activity and location as you could ever wish for. Some travellers head to the Alps to get in some winter skiing and snowboarding; others take sailing holidays in Spain.

Water sports holidays are particularly popular around the summer season, but they are not the only sport best played in sunny conditions. Golf lost any stigma as being a buttoned-up gentleman’s game a long time ago, and is now being embraced by people of all ages, cultures and persuasions. Though many golfers stick to their home ground to indulge their love of the sport, more and more are travelling to far flung places on special golfing holidays.

It makes sense, really, that an outdoor sport is best played in good weather conditions. Whilst England may be many things, it is not a land of reliable weather. So is it any surprise that so many English golf enthusiasts are heading to sunnier climes for a golfing holiday? Countries like Cyprus are a big draw for golfers, as they provide sun, sea, sand and plenty of interesting courses.

The Secret Valley course, for example, offers picturesque views and a tranquil atmosphere whilst being perched within easy distance of Paphos – one of Cyprus’ more bustling cities. Allowing their visitors the perfect combination of good golf and vibrant culture nearby, the owners of Cyprus’ various golf courses are never short of trade.

If inspiration is striking and you’re taken with the idea of a golfing holiday, there are still the usual things to check off on your “to do” list: find cheap flights from somewhere like Easyjet, book yourself somewhere nice to stay (guides like the Lonely Planet and the Rough Guide can be very helpful, with recommendations catering to every budget), and pick up some cheap travel insurance from a company like Direct Travel, where golf is included in the cover. Once you’ve made your way through the list, you can start looking forward to a couple of weeks in the sun, indulging a passion for golf in the most idyllic of surroundings.